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Geospatial Data

The Virginia Geospatial Extension Program does not serve data, but provides a comprehensive list of links to outside data sources to support Virginia local government, state agencies, education, and non-profit applications.

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  • ArcGIS Online (hosted by ESRI) - ArcGIS Online provides users with the capability to share and find geographic information. The free Web application makes it easy to upload and share content as well as find content published by ESRI, ArcGIS users, and other authoritative data providers.

Online Mappers (with the ability to extract data | zip-n-ship)

Remote Sensing Data (Aerial Photography and Multispectral Imagery)

  • Aerial Photography
    • Farm Service Agency (FSA) 2008 National Aerial Imagery Program for Virginia:
      NAIP is a program designed to acquire peak growing season "leaf on" imagery, and deliver this imagery to USDA County Service Centers, in order to maintain the common land unit (CLU) boundaries and assist with farm programs. The goal of NAIP is to collect 1 meter imagery for the entire conterminous United States. The imagery is either natural color or "four band" imagery and is delivered in the year of acquisition.

      The USDA partnered with Virginia for the 2008 NAIP program which allowed for full state coverage, improved accuracy, and delivery of a "four band" image which includes an additional near infrared band. Virginia partners for the 2008 NAIP acquisition include the Virginia Geographic Information Network, Virginia Department of Forestry, and Virginia Department of Transportation

    Learn more about NAIP imagery

    Download Virginia County NAIP Imagery Mosaics from VGIN

  • Satellite Imagery
    • Global Land Cover Facility | Earth Science Data Interface:
      The Earth Science Data Interface is the GLCF's web application for searching, browsing, and downloading data from their online holdings.  Remote sensing data includes:  Landsat (TM, ETM, MSS, ALI), ASTER, Elevation Data (SRTM), MODIS image products, AVHRR Products, and other products.

    To search for data navigate to the Global Land Cover Facilty and select "Download Data" on the right hand side of the webpage

    • USGS:
      The USGS has been steadily expanding the amount of digital geospatial data from its Earth Resources Observation and Science (EROS) Center archive that are available electronically in standard formats at no cost. In part, this expansion was achieved by scanning very large volumes of film images that were originally captured by aircraft- and satellite-borne cameras. In some cases, user selections that are not yet in the electronic-distribution format must be scanned or otherwise processed before they become available for free download.  Users are encouraged to visit the Earth Explorer viewer or the Global Visualization (GLOVIS)  viewer to see what data are currently available for their areas of interest.

    Earth Explorer Viewer

    Earth Resources Observation and Science Center (EROS) | USGS Global Visualization Viewer